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Love and other drugs

January 4th, 2011

The best review I read described it as an “intellectual orgy“. This was not a typical Hollywood movie. Sure there was a standard mould to fill – love story, family feuds, character apathy, sex and more sex – but the movie went far deeper. Anne Hathaway’s excellent portray of a smart, strong-willed woman with Stage 1 Parkinson’s Disease is very quickly bringing her up towards the category of “serious acting”.

At times the movie felt a little bit like a Pfizer drug ad. But recent news reports suggest otherwise. Which leaves just a brilliant piece of writing with a deep and meaningful script.

It is interesting that director, Edward Zwick, chose to include so many explicit scenes in the movie, almost bordering on soft pr0n.

After you get over that point however, you are left with two extremely entertaining movie hours and many more spent in thought and deliberation.